How to Choose a Realtor

They should be a landlord for 20 years – someone with rental ownership experience in the 80’s…

They should know more than you…

Test their knowledge:

  • How will passive losses affect me and what can I do to minimize them?
  • What is the disadvantage to tax deferred exchanging?
  • Will you compete with me?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Because financing is such an important point of purchase, who would you recommend for financing?
  • Do you own rentals?
  • What type of loan should I take out?
  • How many investor loans have you done recently?
  • Refinances.

Check references and Call Better Business Bureau.

Get license number and call the Colorado Real Estate Commissioners office at 303-894-2166 to check for complaints and verify years in the business or visit and find the Real Estate Commission.

What type of ongoing support do they provide:

  • Monthly e-mail newsletter?
  • Monthly chats with real estate professionals – attorneys, property managers, appraisers, county assessors and others.
  • Unlimited phone calls for questions and support.

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