Alternatives to Real Estate Investing Class

Topics Covered

This class covers alternatives to traditional single family home real estate investing.

This class will put an emphasis on discussing the differences between single-family homes and different types of commercial and large residential investments.

Did you know you can purchase an interest in a large commercial property for as little as $100,000.

You can trade your single-family residential rental for an interest in a commercial property. This will increase your income and reduce management. Included in the class is a workbook for you to take home and establish a financial plan for yourself. The class will cover the topics and how to complete the workbook.

Tax benefits, what is a 1031 tax deferred exchange, what is a reverse exchange...

What is deductible, what is depreciation, what are the disadvantages to an exchange, what is passive loss, and how to minimize it’s effect, and how to get tax-free cash. We will compare the financing that is available for different types of properties

The instructor will meet with you individually at a convenient time to discuss any individual questions or personal questions you may have.

Other topics

Should pay points or not to buy down the rate on your loan?  Learn what neutral leverage is and why it is important to know the assumptions behind it.  Learn how you should use that information to your advantage.

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