Advanced Real Estate Class – The Next Step

Topics Covered

Do you have one or two or more rental properties and looking to move up?

You may be considering more rental homes, single-family homes, or may be looking to move into small commercial. The overall structure of the class will provide a step-by-step process to establish a business plan and educate the student on the math involved to create your own retirement program and meet your needs as determined by yourself.

Six important ratios that you should use to examine your real estate investment.

This is applicable to the purchase of a property and will also help to determine the optimum time to sell the property. This will maximize your return. These ratios are the gross rent multiplier, the capitalization rate, the leverage ratio, the depreciation ratio, the debt to income ratio, and the annual constant.

Tax benefits, what is a 1031 tax deferred exchange, what is a reverse exchange.

What is deductible, what is depreciation, what the disadvantages to an exchange are, what is passive loss, how to minimize their effect, and how to get tax-free cash. We will compare the financing that is available for different types of properties.

Different types of real estate investments.

This includes everything from five unit properties, commercial properties including industrial retail office buildings, self-storage, mobile home parks, triple net lease investments, and assisted living facilities.  We will compare the management responsibilities and the financing. At the end of the class you will be educated to utilize the workbook to create your own retirement plan and be able to modify it as things change for you in the future.

** An individual meeting with the instructor is included in your tuition.

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